The Workshop

Jean-Luc Brandily - Atelier

The model takes up her position, J.L. Brandily captures a pose, a movement, an emotion. As he seeks a harmonious balance of line and substance, his hands mould and shape the clay. The sculpture is being born

Let the charm of the most gentle Beauty take you by surprise; glimpse that moment when the curves of the body take shape, caress, shape, draw breath to give Life. In this way sculpture becomes an act of love.

The irresistible desire to make contact with this poetry of sensuality slumbers in the depths of silence. Not to let ones destiny pass by, but to take it by the hand and open ones heart to communicate its Beauty, as if it were written on parchment.

With a movement of the hand, his heart beating to the rhythm of creation, the artist holds his breath before letting the miracle take shape.

Find creations and life in the workshop on the blog Journal de l'Atelier.

Journal de l'atelier