The poetry of feeling

Jean-Luc Brandily

In 1981, Jean-Luc Brandily, born in Brittany in 1960 and a former student of the Ecole Boulle, set up his workshop in Dinan, a town famous for its art and history.

After studying at the Ecole supérieure des Arts appliqués, he makes his journey to Italy, following in the footsteps of nineteenth-century artists. It is at this time that he produces many sketches which will inspire the creation of sculptures through which the artist will capture a body language of radiant lightness. Returning from Italy to Dinan, he devotes himself for several years to woodcarving, expressing his gift through works of romantic feeling. His work in wood achieved a deserved success.

But J.L. Brandily is also passionate about another material, bronze, because of its evocative strength. He will visit the museums of Bourdelle and Rodin, as well as Foundries, to capture the magic of this craft. When you look at the works of Jean-Luc Brandily, you realise that Woman is his preferred theme and that his sculptures are imbued with poetry and sensuality. These bodies become the symbol of the ephemeral life that is human beauty.

With tireless energy, J.L. Brandily has forcibly taken his place among the great sculptors of the present day. One can only recommend that art lovers and collectors alike go and visit his workshop gallery, where they will be able to admire the artist’s latest creations; it is a space which serves as a wonderful setting for his works of art, worthy of the exceptional skill of those craftsmen in Fire.

- Student at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts appliqués: Ecole Boulle. >Drawings and Paintings produced at the Ecole Boulle
- Opened the sculpture workshop in Dinan.
- Exhibition in Munich.
- Awarded a prize by the Académie Française.
- Bronze Medal in the Grand Prix des Arts.
- Chevalier d’Arts, Sciences et Lettres.
- Gold Medal of Mérite et Dévouement français.
- Médaille de vermeil at the international exhibition of Fine Arts - Paris.
- Presented at the Palmes d’Or of the city of Paris. >Photos
- Prix d’Honneur at the Grand Prix des Sept Collines - Rome.
- Made Chevalier de l’Internationale des Arts.
- Restoration of the Château belonging to the Rothschild family (London), under the direction of the great architect Jean-Marc Murat.
- Exhibition in Cannes.
- Bronze medal of Encouragement au Progrès awarded by Professor Louis Leprince-Ringuet.
- Exhibition in Deauville. René Borel Prize.
- Gold Medal of the town of Dinan.
- Exhibition in the Hôtel Crilon. Prix Consécration.
- Exhibition in Ypres - Belgium.
- Silver Medal at the Festival of Arts and Letters: "The end of Europe in Brittany".
- Salon des Artistes Français - Paris.
- Sculpture Notre Dame des Camps de Concentration - Donation of Général Rogerie (Musée du souvenir)
- Creation of Notre-Dame-de-France (sculpture blessed by Pope Jean Paul II).
- Broadcast "Banc Public" - France 3.
- Guest of Nathalie Kerrien : "J.L. Brandily and his art".
- Exhibition at the Moulin D’Orgon - Côte d'Azur.
- Creation of the bust of Molière, sold at auction at Versailles at the salon du Trianon - Palace - Collection of Robert Manuel.
- Exhibition at the Abbey of St-Martin de Sées.
- Creation of the statue of Notre-Dame de la Joie - Benedictine Monastery of Craon.
- Creation of the statue "Maternity" for the Bangui shrine - Central Africa.
- Creation of the statue of St Willibrord - Luxembourg.
- Galerie Art Club, rue de Rivoli - Paris.
- Galerie Motte. Quai Ste-Catherine - Honfleur.
- Regards sur les Arts: Collégiale de Lamballe.
- Galerie Art Club, rue de Rivoli - Paris.
- Works featured in the Dictionnaire Drouot.
- Priscilia. Bronze created for the Yves Cotrel Foundation.
- Sold at auction by Maître Cornette de St-Cyr in the Hôtel Jacquemart. - Paris. >Photos
- Salon d'automne - Rome.
- Opening of the Gallery "Jean-Luc Brandily" in Dinan.
- European Salon of contemporary art - Saint Brisson-sur-Loire.
- The Tivernon Foundry receives J.L. Brandily. >Photos+Video
- Exhibition entitled "Timeless".
- Casting of the bronze "Sensuality" - Private collection.
- Exhibition at the Carrousel du Louvre - Salle Le Nôtre ("S.N.B.A").
- Salon of Independent Artists.
- Guest of honour at the Salon d’automne in the town of Limoges.
- Exhibition at the Waldorf Palace - London.
- 25 years of sculpture: Exhibition entitled Emotion - Dinan. >Photos
- Exhibition at the Saint Jean Le Blanc's Castle (Guest of honour)
- Exhibition gallery "La cour des Arts" - Versailles
- Exhibition Galerie d'Art de la Cour France - USA
- Exhibition at Musée d'Arts modernes - San Francisco
- Exhibition at Grand Palais de Paris
- Exhibition gallery "La cour des Arts" - Versailles
- Exhibition De LaCour Galerie D'Art at Santa Monica - USA
- Exhibition at 15th Biennale de la Danse - Paris
- Exhibition at Ettenheim - Germany
- Exhibition at Dinan "Symphonie du Mouvement"
- Awarded by the International Academy "Greci Marino" in Vinzaglio Italy.
- Exhibition "Corps en mouvements" Best Western Hotel - Dinan
- Guest of honour at 47th "Salon de la ville de Chatillon Montrouge"
- 22ème Exhibition "Regards sur les Arts en Bretagne" - Lamballe
- 44ème Exhibition "Ile De France" - Bourg la Reine
- Exhibition "La poésie du Mouvement" Grand Hôtel des Thermes - Saint-Malo
- Exhibition "Moscow World Fine Art Fair" - Moscow
- Guest of honnor at the Saint-Brieuc biennial "Peintres et Sculpteurs de Bretagne".
- Exhibition "Pour la beauté du geste" - Dinan
- Exhibition at Maïte art Gallery - Luxembourg
- Painting and sculpture group exhibition - Fine Arts Academy - St Petersbourg
- Exhibition at Maïte art Gallery - Luxembourg
- La Baule
- European Contemporary Art Fair - Saint Brisson sur Loire
- Exhibition "De la terre au bronze" - Tivernon Foundry
- "Une Vie, un Rêve, une Passion" book dedication
- Exhibition Crans-Montana - Switzerland
- Exhibition Galerie d'Art Maïté - Luxembourg
- Galery Galaxie des Arts - Barbyson and Place des Vosges Paris
- Galery d'Art Maïté Prospéri - Luxembourg
- Salon des Arts de la ville de Saumur. Honor guest
- Artexpo - New-York
- Spectrum - Miami
- 2nd galery opening - 22 rue du Jerzual DINAN

Private Collections (Switzerland, Belgium, England, USA, Japan, Russia)