The Busts

To breathe life by communicating an emotion. Creations for some, copies for others, the art of the portrait is quite special. I have to capture the inner life of the model to convey its personality, an art of observation which enables the artist to portray the strength, the expressive force or the gentleness of the character.

Modelling in clay is the second stage. The model takes up a pose and very quickly I have to capture the characteristics of the face in order to breathe life into it. The sculpture takes shape in clay in my fingers. In my heart I strive to attain a perfect resemblance, while knowing that perfection is difficult to achieve. In such work, it is fascinating to catch oneself in dialogue with ones creation, being followed by a look and being seduced by an emotion.

The busts are generally cast in bronze, but before making the mould for the foundry, a disposable plaster cast has to be made in order to create a model in resin which I rework completely.

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